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Niwatori Corporation

55 kVA Cummind Genset PMS Services

Niwatori Corporation

75 kVA Daewoo Genset Troubleshooting, PMS Services, supply and install of AVR

Niwatori Corporation

100 kVA Cummins Genset PMS S2ervices

Niwatori Corporation

225 kVA Cummins Genset PMS Services

Woodrofe Residences

Electrical Works

Claro Apartment Residences

FDAS, Electrical, Spring Cleaning Works

Del Castillo Residence

Electrical Works

GHD Pty Ltd.

HVAC Works

SHAREat Cafe

Electrical, HVAC and Painting works

Bonita Pizza Station Zapote

Supply and installation of electrical wiring and devices

Grand Soho

Electrical and HVAC Works

Lourd Ryan Ramos Residence

Carpentry Works

Manabe Residence

Supply and Installation of CCTV, Window Type ACUs, Waterproofing, Plastering, Carpentry and Welding Works CCTV, HVAC, Civil, Carpentry, Painting and Fabrication Works


Electrical Works (Electrical Supply Provision)

GHD Pty Ltd

Mechanical and Sanitary Works

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Main Office: Highview Homes Congressional Road Bagumbong Caloocan City Philippines Satellite Office: 3F P.Perez Bldg. Congressional Road Caloocan City Manila Philippines